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“Water: A gift and our responsiblity today and for the next generation”



The present General Manager has been a director since October 16, 2006. Atty. Domagas is a lawyer and real estate broker by profession and a current member of the Integrated Bar of the Phils. and Philippine Institute of Real Estate Service, Inc. He has been an Executive Assistant at the City Government of Urdaneta in 2003. He graduated from San Beda College in 1996 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Management and took up Bachelor of Law at Saint Louis University where he graduated in the year 2002. Atty. Domagas likewise attended courses on leadership at the Asian Institute of Management (AIM). He passed the Bar Exams and the Real Estate Broker Licensure Exams.

Who We Are

We, the officials and employees of the Urdaneta City Water District pledge and commit to deliver quality public service as promised in this UCWD’s Citizen’s Charter. Specifically, we will:

Serve with integrity

Equally accord the public with prompt and timely service

Respond to complaints

Value individual’s contribution in improving our services.

Institute discipline among the ranks

Consistently apply the policies set forth by the governing bodies

Evaluate existing feedback mechanism and develop such adapting to the present times

Always display procedures and maintain minimal fees and charges

Be polite and courteous

Observe and make our services available to the public even beyond the regular working hours, if the need arises

Vigilant in reporting any form of graft and corruption

Encourage demonstration of sensitivity to the needs of the stakeholders

Socially respond to the needs of the community

Encourage the community to patronize our services

Lead by example

Follow all reasonable office rules and regulations.

Supply and delivery of potable water supply at a more affordable cost to every household in the twenty seven (27) barangays of Urdaneta City.


Anonas Mananogbog
Nancalobasaan Pedro T. Orata
Nancamaliran East Bayaoas
Nancamaliran West Bolaoen
Nancayasan Cabuloan
Palina East Camanang
Palina West Camantiles
Palina East Camanang
Pinmaludpod Casantaan
San Jose Catablan
Poblacion Cayambanan
San Vicente Dilan-Paurido
Sta. Lucia Labit Proper
Sto. Domingo Labit West

The existing water supply system of Urdaneta was originally constructed in 1959 by the defunct National Waterworks and Sewerage Authority otherwise known as (NAWASA) to serve the Poblacion area only. The original water supply system consisted of an elevated concrete storage tank, a well/pumping station located beside the municipal hall and about 5.3 kms of distribution pipelines. In 1965, the distribution pipelines were extended to about 6 kms. more. The Urdaneta Water District (UWD) was created on February 20, 1976 by virtue of the Sangguniang Bayan Resolution No. 6, series of 1976.

Our water supply is available twenty four (24) hours a day, seven (7) days a week. The eight (8) pumping stations are strategically located to cater the water needs of the above service area: 

 Location : Capacity :
Anonas (PS#7) 50 liters/second
Cayambanan (PS#5) 12 liters/second
Dilan (PS#3) 45 liters/second
Nancayasan (PS#4) 36 liters/second
Poblacion (PS#1) 15 liters/second
Vista Verde Royale Subd. (PS#6) 4 liters/second
 Woodside Village (PS#8) 50 liters/second


Building on its humble beginning of a persevering and steady institutional growth, the Urdaneta City Water District (U.C.W.D.) to date has been in a busy process of transformation. Foreseeing a hard and grip prospect brought about by the economic, political uncertainties, it needs to be stronger, more dynamic institution for it to grow into the top tier of the water supply industry and mature into a comprehensive provider of piped water services.

This transformation calls for UCWD’s market presence, expansion of its network facilities, the broadening of its corporate social responsibility and service offerings, the enhancement of its hard earned capital base, the improvement of its operating and delivery systems and the strengthening of its organization.

With these new levels of growth attained, we say, URDANETA CITY WATER DISTRICT – a matter of CHOICE.


UCWD envisions itself to be one of the leading Water Districts in the region adopting a technically advanced, user-friendly technology to develop and sustain a cost effective system with adequate capacity to meet the growing needs of today’s consuming public for future generations.


To provide safe, potable water supply daily at an affordable cost to the people of Urdaneta City as a responsible and viable Government Owned and Controlled Corporation (GOCC) of God fearing, professional, technical and skilled personnel.

Value Statement

In order to achieve UCWD’s vision through the accomplishment of its mission, we uphold these corporate values across the organization: 


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Frontline Services

How to's

Concessionaire Know-hows

  • Responsibilities of Concessionaires
  • Schedule of Billing
  • Water Rates
  • Potable

Operation & Maintenance

Water Sampling

UCWD ensures the safety of its consumers by water sampling. Water sampling is the process of collecting water samples in each barangay to be brought at the Water Lab Testing Laboratory Inc. for bacteriological examination. All water samples from each barangay of Urdaneta City Passed the standards of Philippine National Standards for Drinking Water.

Regular Flushing Program

Water Flushing Program is the process of releasing minerals, sediments and silts from the pipe lines such as Sand Manganese and Iron which is necessary for sanitation of water and to ensure water system are working properly. Flushed every 6 months - until drained. During this activity water supply is directly from the ground source. Consumers could experience low water pressure during this activity.

Reservoir Cleaning

Disinfection of public water supplies represents the most important process used by UCWD in production of safe and sanitary quality water or "potable". The raw water collects impurities as it is found in nature, flows and comes in contact with pollutants of the soil. For disinfection and protection the processof chlorination is acted before it reaches every household. The process of chlorination by UCWD is in compliance with Philippine National Standards for Drinking Water 2007 (PNSDW 2007).

Seal of Transparency

The Divisions

Administrative & General

Responsible for planning, recruitment, selection and development of the Human resource, implementation of the safety and health of its employees, serves as intermediary between the organization and its union and designs discipline and grievance handling system toward a harmonious and an effective working environment. It handlesa ccounting and financial transaction reporting, cashiering, inventory management, procurement service, and coordinates the implementation of the policies laid out by the Board of Directors.

Finance & Commercial Division

Responsible for the operation of determining customer records, enforces utility rules and regulations as to billings, payments, delinquencies and assistance, pursues delinquent accounts. It also deals with customer relations addressing complaints and various client concerns.

Production & Water Quality Division

Deals with production requirements and develops resulting schedules; attends to all matters necessary to ensure twenty four hour service to all consumers of safe, potable water assuring satisfactory delivery of quality water under established minimum pressure, maintains accurate records as to daily production, equipment operation machinery history, levels and pressures; establishes detailed maintenance schedules for all production equipments; establishes priorities for economical and safe operation of mechanical equipments.

Construction & Engineering Division

Responsible for the operation and maintenance of the distribution network having a continuous, systematic program ensuring that every part of the system has adequate potable water supply.
Every measure and practice are geared towards 

  • Operating the system as designed
  • Preventing untimely deterioration or damage to the system.

Contact Us

Address: MacArthur Highway, Nancayasan, Urdaneta City, Pangasinan
Email: a.urdanetacitywd@yahoo.com
Phone: 075.653.0486 (Phone/Fax)Office of the General Manager : Administrative and General Services Division
Phone: 0932.882.7181 (Water Quality Division)
Office Hours of Operation: 8am - 5pm, Monday - Friday, except during official holidays

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